Tough Snails

$ 20.00

All funds raised in Tiffany's honor will be paid to Family Reach to cover healthcare associated expenses for patients in need by directly paying the owed vendor. i.e. hospital, bank, etc. on behalf of the patient.



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I have been really blessed to have affordable healthcare through my job, but I know not everyone else is in the same situation, and cancer doesn’t choose people based on who can pay for it. I cannot imagine going through this journey while having the added stress of bills piling up. Socks are some of my very favorite things, and this fundraiser pairs that with the ability to help others. What more could anyone want?

Right after I had my port placed for chemo, I messaged my friends to tell them I felt a bit like Frankenstein. One of them replied with: #toughasnails, and another friend thought she said: #toughsnail, and it’s stuck with us ever since. Whenever something hard comes along, we remind each other that we are tough snails. We are tough snails who met running through the deserts of Colorado several years ago, and now they have been supporting me on my journey through cancer. Many days as I am running, it certainly seems as though I am moving at a snail’s pace, but I am moving. And the tough snails have their eyes set on a trail marathon this summer followed by a 50 mile run in 2019, and a 100 mile run in 2020.

Made in North Carolina, these are athletic socks perfect for exercise. They feature zoned cushioning and are crew length, sitting just below the calf.

Orders will ship approximately four weeks from the conclusion of the campaign.