Chef Carrot

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All funds raised in Abby's honor will be paid directly to Abby's St. Baldricks fund to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives. 




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Facing complete kidney failure at nine-years-old, Abby Furco looked into her parents’ eyes as they relayed the doctors’ expectations: she had 48 hours to live. Unblinking with tears beginning to well around the base of her hazel eyes, Abby responded with succinct conviction, “I just have a lot more living to do.”

One year later, the world is witness to the raw power of Abby Furco’s will to live. Carrying life experiences that few else can claim, Abby speaks with maturity far beyond her years.

“It’s important to stay strong, but if you have any questions or worry about something, you should tell someone. Don’t be scared to ask questions, it will help you get through it. Just be there for yourself.”

Now ten-years-old, Abby’s maturity isn’t the only thing that extends beyond her age. Preferring steak to sweets, Abby’s refined pallet and signature carrot cake has made her a young celebrity chef. After spending countless hours of treatment watching Food Network, Abby has been practicing in real life. In fact, on July 31st, Abby filmed the first episode of Abby’s Kitchen, her own cooking show. Although it’s unclear whether or not the show will get air time, Abby sees it as another opportunity to practice for her future career.

With a resume that exhibits defying the odds of death and filming her own cooking show, it should come as no surprise that Abby is taking further actions to secure her dream job in the kitchen: she most recently was awarded a full scholarship from the Culinary Institute of Virginia.

Although the future of her health remains uncertain, Abby leaves no question as to her intentions of making the most of every moment. Patty, Abby’s mother, has taken notice, “In the course of a few minutes, Abby will throw up from nausea, clean her face, and be ready for her turn in our family board game.”

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Favorite animal?

Bunnies!! They have always been my favorite and my favorite lovey is my stuffed rabbit named Carrot. She has gone everywhere with me since I was little.

Favorite food?


Favorite movie(s)?

Harry Potter

If you could do one activity every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“I would play minecraft with my friend Allie.”

Were there any parts of treatment that you enjoyed?

“I enjoyed learning about how I get sick or why I was hurting. It was neat to learn about how the hospital works—it’s something most kids don’t get to learn.”

Carrot, the bunny sporting a chef’s hat on Abby’s socks, is her favorite lovey and has been with her every step of treatment. Why a chef’s hat? Throughout treatment Abby spent countless hours watching The Food Network

Made from a cotton polyester blend, Abby’s socks are soft and cozy with moisture wicking technology to keep your feet warm but not hot.

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