Carpe Scrotiem

$ 20.00

Proceeds from Carpe Scrotiem will benefit the Testicular Cancer Society.



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I was diagnosed with Stage IIB Nonseminoma cancer in November 2016. It's a form of testicular cancer that spread to my lymph nodes. I had surgery to remove the original mass and my affected testicle on October 28th, started chemotherapy on November 28th to get rid of the remaining cancerous cells, and completed it in January 2017. In March, my doctor told me I was in remission, and as of my latest scan in June 2018, I still am.

When I was diagnosed, I had a hard time finding information written in patient friendly terms about experiencing testicular cancer. There were a lot of clinical websites, but nothing easily digestible or relatable. I decided to create a resource that would be helpful for a person going through what I went through, by beginning a blog called A Ballsy Sense of Tumor.

That was my original intention, but soon after starting the blog, my main focus shifted. Testicular cancer is not talked about enough in society. My hopes are that the socks and sharing my story from beginning to end with an open attitude will stimulate more open discussion and bring a larger focus to men’s health in general. Knowing someone who is going through cancer can help make it more real to men who might not otherwise be concerned about their own health. I put my face where their balls are (which is a somewhat awkward turn of phrase).

Talking about testicles, babbling about balls, gabbing about gonads - Once you get the ball rolling, I think you’ll find talking naturally about testicular health isn’t a hard nut to crack. These socks fit the theme of my blog and my mission. While it is a serious topic, I talk about testicular cancer with humor and positivity. The perfect pair of humor and education helps remind guys to regularly take care of their own perfect pair.

Made in North Carolina, Carpe Scrotiem socks are made with a mixture of cotton and polyester and are great to wear to school, the office, or any of your daily activities. They are crew length and sit just below the calf.

Orders will ship approximately four weeks from the conclusion of the campaign. Once the campaign has ended, there will be a limited amount of inventory available for purchase.

Why the delay? Because each design has a different level of demand, we use a fundraising period to determine how many pairs to produce.