Alana's 4k Team for Cancer

$ 20.00

All funds raised by Alana will be donated to the Ulman Foundation to change lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. To learn more about the breakdown of proceeds, please see our pricing transparency.



Made in North Carolina, Alana's 4k Team for Cancer socks are a bit more athletic than the average dress sock, sporting arch support with cushioned toes and heels. These socks are perfect for shooting hoops or stealing second base. They are crew length and sit just below the calf.

Sock Sales of $20

$4 to production

Average cost to produce, fulfill, and process payment.

$8 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

$8 to Resilience Gives

Resilience Gives reinvests proceeds to compensate staff, keep the lights on, and reach patient communities.

Direct Donation of $100

$3 to payment provider

Our payment provider captures 3% on all transactions.

$97 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

Orders are expected to ship the week of April 29th.

Why the delay? 

Because each community orders a different quantity of socks, we use a campaign period to determine how many pairs to produce.


As for the sock design I figured it would be most important to incorporate Ulman’s colors which are blue and yellow! Also I wanted to have some sort of logo or wording to represent the Ulman Foundation and the 4K for Cancer.


Since I was a little kid, my parents have always instilled in me the value of going beyond what is being asked of you – to strive to do and be better. This 4K for Cancer is a great opportunity to put these values into actions. Cancer is a horrible disease that not only affects those suffering, but also the community of loved ones offering their support. I want to be a part of the solution and to push my limits to new heights. The Ulman Foundation is truly an amazing foundation. In addition to delivering chemo care packages throughout the ride, we will also volunteer in local communities and visit with families impacted by cancer. For me, this is the ultimate way to put “striving to do better” into action, and hopefully I will forge lifelong bonds with other passionate riders like me along the way.


Our families take great joy in knowing that others are wearing their unique designs all around the world. Wear your socks proudly and tag #RGCommunity