From fighting cancer twice as a teenager to climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents, Sean will share how his cancer journey pushed him to redefine his physical boundaries and tackle these purpose-driven expeditions.

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  • Sean shares what it was like experiencing cancer as a teenager in the 80's.
  • Driven by his experiences inpatient, Sean describes how he originally pursued a PsyD before setting out on his sole searching, mountaineering adventure.
  • Sean shares what it's been like to use the world's highest peaks to share his message of hope to patients across America.
  • When Kareena was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 15 years old, she was shoved into a world she knew little about. Now 17 and in remission, you'll hear her reflect on the highs, lows, and downright silly moments along the journey.

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  • Kareena talks about how her symptoms initially presented and how her diagnosis unfolded.
  • Reflecting on her youth, Kareena laughs thinking about all of the signs she missed.
  • Kareena shares more about her treatment journey and how it impacted with her HS experience.
  • When doctors removed Abri's tibia during her tumor resection, they replaced it with an adult cadaver's arm bone, or what she called her arg (arm-leg). Throughout this week's episode, you'll hear how 12-year-old Abri Bentley, and her mom Nikkole, repeatedly used humor to make light of their fight with Ewing Sarcoma.

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  • Abri shares how her initial pain went unchecked because her parents knew she tended to be dramatic.
  • After receiving Abri's diagnosis, Nikkole shares how the initial treatment protocol unfolded.
  • Jake gives a short interlude about how Resilience Gives is partnering with the Tyler Robinson Foundation to offset out-of-pocket expenses for pediatric cancer families.
  • Abri describes why the choice to amputate her leg rather than endure another limb salvage surgery was an easy choice.
  • Nikkole and Abri talk about the role God played during their cancer journey.
  • As a lifelong dancer, Grace was skeptical when her chiropractor told her the pain she was feeling in her hips was because they were weak. And she had good reason. In this week's episode Grace reflects on her journey with Ewing Sarcoma as a senior in high school and how it impacted her transition to the University of Texas.

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  • Grace shares how her leg and hip pain was initially brushed off as a minor dance injury.
  • After receiving her diagnosis, Grace reflects on how her community went above and beyond to make her feel supported.
  • Jake gives a short interlude about how Resilience Gives is partnering with Stupid Cancer.
  • Grace shares how her treatment protocol unfolded, and how she has lasting long term effects to this day.
  • Grace reflects on transitioning to survivorship as a new college student at the University of Texas.
  • Although Josie's parents were raised Christian, both had fallen out of practice in their adult lives. In this week's episode, you'll hear Josie and her mom, Jessica, share their fight with Ewing's Sarcoma, and how it ultimately brought them closer to God.

  • Jessica shares how Josie first started complaining of pain on a trip to Disney Land.
  • Josie and Jessica share some of the ups and downs throughout their treatment at Lurie Children's Hospital, including one moment when Josie began throwing up and was totally unresponsive.
  • Jake gives a short interlude about how Resilience Gives worked with Josie to design non-slip, snowman themed merino wool socks.
  • Jessica shares how their fight their fight with Ewing's Sarcoma ultimately brought them closer to God.
  • Can you imagine going to the ER twice after prolonged fevers and night sweats, not receiving any blood tests, and then getting diagnosed with a blood cancer? In this week's episode, Itzel and her parents Estefania and Raul share how insurance coverage almost got in the way of Itzel’s leukemia diagnosis along with some of the ups and downs throughout their journey.

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  • Raul and Estefania discuss how concerned they were about Itzel's persistent symptoms.
  • Even after multiple trips to the ER, the family was still left without answers.
  • Estefania shares how in order for Itzel and her siblings to get better insurance, she had to leave her job.
  • Itzel gives a short interlude about how she made non-slip angel wing socks!
  • Itzel and Raul share a few moments along the journey that they can laugh about now, but were anything but funny in the moment.
  • For Aryn and many young black girls, getting your beads and braids is a rite of passage, so Aryn took it personal when cancer came and took that away. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear Aryn’s mom, Marissa, recount her journey with neuroblastoma, and how it led to them co-authoring The Beads and Braids book.

    The Beads and Braids Book
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  • Marissa remembers some of the early signs that Aryn wasn’t 100% healthy, but remembers being frustrated when her pediatrician wouldn’t take her concerns seriously.
  • Marissa shares a detailed description of how a two week hospital trip eventually gave them answers about Aryn’s health woes.
  • After responding well to chemotherapy and having a smooth surgery, Aryn experienced a post-op nightmare that had Marissa evaluating her faith.
  • Jake gives an interlude overview of the Socks with Stories: Paying It Forward Initiative where Resilience Gives will collaborate with 50 childhood cancer survivors to donate thousands of socks.
  • Marissa shares how writing had been an important part of her coping process, and how she passed on her love to Aryn, who was excited about the prospect of sharing her experience through the Beads and Braids book.
  • Before her diagnosis, Campbell Sullivan was unconditionally committed to her ski racing career, but when a soft tissue sarcoma forced her off the slopes, she had to redefine her purpose. In this episode, Campbell will share the ups and downs of her journey, and what led to her advocating on the national stage for increased funding of childhood cancer research.

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  • Campbell talks about how she grew up obsessed with skiing and how she originally thought a pain in her leg was attributed to racing.
  • Campbell shares how staying committed to the ski team throughout the ups and downs really helped take her mind off of her disease.
  • After working her way back to the mountain, Campbell shares how her recurrence really felt like getting hit by a bus.
  • Jake gives an interlude overview of the Socks with Stories: Paying It Forward Initiative where Resilience Gives will collaborate with 50 childhood cancer survivors to donate thousands of socks.
  • Campbell shares what inspired her to launch the Ski Fast Foundation, and what it means to give back to kids experiencing similar circumstances.
  • Ever try keeping food in front of a four-year-old on steroids? In this week's episode, Tamara will share how she navigated her son's leukemia diagnosis as a single parent.

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  • Tamara shares how Hudson's diagnosis unfolded.
  • Tamara discusses some of the difficulties involved in caring for Hudson while his biological father was struggling with addiction.
  • Tamara shares more about what it was like trying to keep up with Hudson's insatiable, steroid driven appetite.
  • Jake gives an interlude overview of the Socks with Stories: Paying It Forward Initiative where Resilience Gives will collaborate with 50 childhood cancer survivors to donate thousands of socks.
  • Tamara describes some of the unexpected highlights of the journey.
  • Tamara shares some of the advice that enabled her to get through the journey.
  • When Kiara woke up paralyzed from the waist down, panic initially set in, but it didn’t stay for long. In this week’s episode, Kiara and her mom, Lisa, will discuss how they stayed positive throughout her journey by taking things one day at a time.

    Kiara's Caring Bridge

  • Lisa & Kiara discuss some of the signs that hinted at things being not quite right.
  • Lisa shares how the location of her tumor created complications.
  • Kiara shares the moment that she lost feeling below her waist and how the tumor had caused swelling in her spine.
  • Jake gives an interlude overview of the Socks with Stories: Paying It Forward Initiative where Resilience Gives will collaborate with 50 childhood cancer survivors to donate thousands of socks.
  • Lisa & Kiara share her treatment protocol, including what her PT/OT looked like.
  • Lisa shares how their family stayed positive by taking everything one day at a time.
  • Throughout her journey battling brain cancer, eleven year old Grace rarely lost her cool, but along the way, she and her family found plenty of opportunities to make light of their circumstances with the best medicine available - laughter.

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  • Aubrey shares how they originally discovered Grace's disease.
  • Grace and Aubrey discuss how the original diagnostics caught them off guard.
  • Grace shares how she navigated her school work while being in and out of the hospital for treatment.
  • Jake gives an interlude overview of the Socks with Stories: Paying It Forward Initiative where Resilience Gives will collaborate with 50 childhood cancer survivors to donate thousands of socks.
  • Grace shares some of the highs and lows from her treatment.
  • Aubrey discusses how advocating for childhood cancer research became such an important part of their journey.
  • Grace gives listeners an overview of the WITH Grace Initiative and what it's all about.
  • Eight year old Ella and her mom, Nicole, will share their journey through leukemia, and discuss the balance between feeling grateful to be alive while advocating for less toxic therapies with fewer long term side effects.

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  • Nicole discusses how Ella was initially diagnosed.
  • Nicole shares how much it helped to connect with other families who were experiencing a leukemia diagnosis.
  • Ella shares a little bit about designing socks and how it was neat to see others in her community wearing them.
  • Nicole shares how she first heard about St. Baldrick's Foundation and immediately resonated with the mission.
  • Ella & Nicole share a few thoughts about what they would tell a family experiencing a new cancer diagnosis.
  • In this week's episode, eight-year-old Bridget and her mom, Jamie, will recount their journey with osteosarcoma. You'll hear their perspectives both before and after Bridget's leg amputation, and how they've framed this experience as a positive force in Bridget's young life.

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  • Bridget & Jamie share how the diagnosis started on the soccer field.
  • Jamie shares how the treatment protocol evolved at St Jude's, and some of the unexpected bumps in the road.
  • Jamie discusses her mindset before and after Bridget's amputation.
  • Reese provides a short interlude about why people should buy her non-slip flamingo socks.
  • Jamie shares how the journey as a whole has positively impacted their family.
  • Benjamin, Super Benji Sanchez's battle with brain cancer has taken many twists and turns, and along the way, inspired an army of advocacy from his Las Vegas community. In this episode, Benji's mom, Azalea, will share how they've continued to chase rainbows through it all.

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  • Azalea shares how at 9 months old, Benji started displaying a concerning behavior.
  • Azalea shares how once they found a tumor, surgery happened so quickly it was difficult to keep up with all of the decisions being made.
  • Azalea describes the different treatment regimens, and how they didn't see the response they were hoping for until their last stem cell transplant.
  • Benji's older brother, Jerrod, provides a short interlude about the meaning behind Benji's non-slip rainbow socks.
  • Azalea talks about what it's meant to become more involved in the childhood cancer community.
  • In this episode, you’ll hear Kila Tripp share her journey with two tours of leukemia, and how they’ve shaped her drive to give back. Towards of the show, you’ll hear Kila talk about a giveback campaign she’s organized to raise 100K for pediatric cancer research at Cincinnati Children’s hospital. Since we believe in increasing funding for pediatric cancer research, we’re supporting her initiative by donating 15% of sales and giving free shipping to anyone who shops on our site with the code: fundthecurenextdoor

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  • Kila describes how her diagnosis originally unfolded after strange behavior on the tennis court.
  • Kila reflects on how the diagnosis impacted her along with her family members.
  • Kiara provides a short interlude about why her non-slip ice cream socks make the perfect gift.
  • Kila shares how her leukemia relapse shadowed her graduation from college, and how she dealt with the diagnosis while all her friends were beginning their careers.
  • Kila describes how this second diagnosis has motivated her to give back to increase funding for pediatric cancer research through her Fund the Cure Next Door campaign at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
  • When Steven Sudell’s brain cancer became terminal and his parents Amy & Paul’s optimism began to waver, they didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Laying on his deathbed, Steven took up drawing and started a YouTube channel that would spread joy to hundreds of thousands across the globe.

    Steven's Coloring Book
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  • Amy describes how Steven's diagnosis unfolded.
  • Paul describes how the disease progressed.
  • Reese provides a short interlude about her grippy flamingo socks are make a great present.
  • Amy & Paul recount how Steven started drawing.
  • Amy & Paul reflect on how Steven's YouTube channel began to take off and inspire people around the world.
  • Amy & Paul share their recommendations for families battling cancer.
  • Through chemo, limb salvage surgery, and intense pain management, Gabby Galarneau doesn’t remember a whole lot from her nine months of treatment, but the one thing she does remember is how therapy dogs made a difference for her mental health. In this episode, you’ll hear Gabby and her mom, Kristi, share how their family managed Gabby’s fight with Osteosarcoma and their advice for families grappling with a new diagnosis.

    Gabby's Instagram Page

  • Kristi describes how the diagnosis unfolded.
  • Gabby and Kristi reflect on how therapy dogs made a difference in Gabby's quality of life during treatment.
  • Emma Rae provides a short interlude about how she designed god-themed non-slip socks because her dog also played a huge role during her journey.
  • Kristi talks about how cancer therapies have barely evolved in the last 50 years.
  • Kristi recounts how in the midst of this incredibly challenging time, there were also some really beautiful moments.
  • Just months after the birth of her first child, Kezia Fitzgerald was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and a few months later, her daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. In this episode, you’ll hear Kezia recount how her journey battling cancer became tangled by her daughter’s diagnosis, and how the experience led to her co-founding a company that’s helping thousands of patients across the country.

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    CareAline's PPE Efforts

  • Kezia talks about getting diagnosed as a new mom.
  • Kezia discusses how she and her husband were tracking her daughter's symptoms over months.
  • Kezia recaps how her daughter's treatment unfolded, including what would catalyze CareAline.
  • Angel gives an interlude about his polar bear themed non-slip socks.
  • Kezia discusses what it was like to have her second child and how it overlapped with her cancer coming back.
  • Kezia highlights how she's balanced living with long-term treatment.
  • Before her leukemia diagnosis at 15 years old, Ava Paige was performing over 150 shows per year as a country music singer-songwriter. Now 10 months into treatment, she’ll share some of the ups and downs of her journey, and how cancer is influencing her career in country music.

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    • Ava described her career as a young country artist.
    • Ava described her diagnosis.
    • Ava describes some of the frustrations of how cancer limited her ability to practice her passion.
    • Angel Richards gives a short interlude of why his polar bear themed non-slip socks are so special.

    When Danielle was at her three month check-up after finishing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, her oncologist told her about a girl named Ellie that was the same age with the same diagnosis. In this episode, you’ll hear about how their journeys overlapped and what it was like to confront cancer in high school.

    Young Adult Cancer Organizations

    Connecticut Children's Medical Center Young Adult Cancer Program

    • Danielle and Ellie recount the the initial letter that brought them together.
    • Danielle and Ellie talk about their experiences with different wigs.
    • Danielle and Ellie discuss how cancer challenged their identity as high performing student athletes
    • Emma Rae provides a short interlude of why she made non-slip socks featuring her dog, Little Red.
    • Danielle and Ellie provide advice for others facing this disease.

    When 12-year-old Kylie was diagnosed with metastatic sarcoma, her odds of survival were around 35%, but this didn’t hinder her father Mark’s eternal optimism that she would make a full recovery. In this episode, you’ll hear Mark share uplifting moments of community support and how he navigated the heartbreaking grief following Kylie’s passing.

    Smiley for Kylie Facebook Page

    Missing Kylie: A Father's Search for Meaning in Tragedy

    Cure Childhood Cancer

    Kylie's PSA Video | The Truth 365

    Kylie And Her Kitten

    • Mark shares how Kylie was originally diagnosed after experiencing continued knee pain.
    • Mark outlines her initial treatment plan and reflects on the sad fact that treatments for childhood cancer have progressed very minimally because of their lack of funding.
    • Mark describes how Kylie's sisters came up with the idea of Smiley for Kylie to keep her spirits high during treatment.
    • Naaman and his sister Nadine have a short interlude about how every purchase of Naaman's non-slip penguin socks support other children in the hospital.
    • Mark shares how Kylie's disease took a turn for the worse, and how he processes her passing.

    Since being diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma brain tumor at age 12, Jeremy has managed the ups and downs of remission, recurrence, and everything in between. In this episode, he’ll share how it all unfolded and how his approach to managing life amidst an uncertain future has evolved over the years.

    Jeremy’s Blog

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    • Jeremy provides vivid descriptions of his diagnosis, recurrence, etc.
    • Jeremy reflects on how he processed these moments, and how his mindset evolved over the years.
    • Emma Rae provides a short intermission to share her grippy socks

    Lynn and her mom Cindy share their journey battling leukemia, from the moments leading up to Lynn’s diagnosis to the ins and outs of managing treatment and how they look back on the experience as a whole.

    The Willow Project Facebook Page

    The Willow Project Website

  • Lynn and her mom Cindy describe how her initial diagnosis unfolded. Cindy talks about how she balanced being a working mom of two children with having one very sick child.
  • Lynn and Cindy go back and forth, recounting their steroid stories.
  • Cindy highlights a few special experiences, like hibachi in the backyard!
  • Lynn provides her perspective on having cancer, and how projects like making her own non-slip socks were a small silver lining.
  • Over the last four years, the cancer community has repeatedly shown me what resilience is all about, and this podcast is about sharing their stories.

    Welcome to socks with stories, a show about inspiring stories of resilience from patients, survivors, and family members. I’m your host and fellow survivor, Jake Teitelbaum. As a cancer patient, I couldn’t stand the poorly made hospital socks. So I started a company, resilience gives, to make fun, better quality non-slip socks, co-designed by children battling cancer. Over the last four years, this cancer community has repeatedly shown me what resilience is all about, and this podcast is about sharing their stories.

    every journey is unique and every person has their own story

    Hi! I'm Jake and I'm the host. I'm four years in remission and am grateful that my days no longer consist of hospital food, infusions, or poorly made hospital socks.

    Through the socks with stories podcast, we seek to share stories from across the spectrum of cancer experiences - from frustrating and heartbreaking to uplifting and inspiring. In documenting these experiences, we hope to create a resource for families in the thick of it and to spread awareness of the disease through impactful storytelling.

    Thank you to all who have tuned in thus far!
    We value our community and would love to hear about your experience with cancer.

    apply for the show