Patient Support Video Producer

Patient Support Video Producer

Flexible Start/End Dates
~2 hours/week
Work remotely or at HQ: 500 West 5th Street, STE 400 Winston-Salem, NC


We’re motivated by the idea that at our most vulnerable, we have a unique opportunity to grow as individuals. To embrace the struggle and become stronger in body, stronger in mind, stronger in spirit. Our actions, both in terms of what we produce and how we engage with others, should have a net positive impact on our community, our society, and the planet we inhabit.


    Volunteer Position Description
    For our members in active treatment, one of the ways we'll rally community support is by soliciting user generated video/photo content, and creating a cohesive video for the member. We are looking for a volunteer to work on these videos as needed. 



    • Familiar with basic video editing software
    • Strong communication skills


    What You'll Do

    • Piece together user-generated content into patient support videos

    Who You Are
    • Are motivated to take part in the building of an organization and creating an awesome place to work.
    • Espouse strong business ethics as a result of intense introspection and are capable of thoroughly explaining those beliefs.
    • Are motivated to learn.
    • Are capable of handling the uncertainty that accompanies a new business venture.
    • Want to want to go to work every day. You should like having fun. You should have a sense of humor.


    Apply by sending in your resume and cover letter to us: