Our mission is to bring dignity to patient communities in pursuit of a more resilient society

On day 19 of my stem cell transplant, I broke.

I stood in front of the mirror and cried as I examined my body: I was 20 lbs lighter and leaning heavily on my IV pole to remain standing. When my eyes wandered down to my feet, they fixated on what was surely the quirkiest pair of socks I owned. And as they did, I began to feel the slightest smile creep slowly across my face.

These socks were my small rebellion against the standard issue hospital socks. They were a symbol of dignity that reminded me I was more than an illness. They inspired resilience.

Months later, I met Samaury, a 14-year-old with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and together we created Samaury’s own small rebellion, a custom pair of socks that represented the members of his family who had also confronted cancer. When the design was finished, we sold the socks and raised thousands of dollars to help Samaury's family cover healthcare expenses. Equally as important, the socks became a tangible symbol for both of our communities to rally around.

Working with Samaury taught me that my experience was hardly unique; as patients and support communities, we often feel a sense of helplessness, but these life-altering experiences drive us to be proactive. To be a force for good for something that has deep personal meaning. This is what binds the #RGCommunity and is the foundation of our mission. We are influenced by disease but not defined by it. Before we are patients, we are human, and by bringing dignity to patient communities, we acknowledge, the very thing that makes us vulnerable also has the capacity to strengthen our resiliency.

Resilience Gives (Resilience Project, Inc.) is a for-profit s-corporation whose mission is bigger than the bottom line. We formed as a for-profit organization because we felt it provided the best opportunity to recruit and retain talent, and ultimately achieve our stated mission. As we work towards this mission, we will be as transparent as possible, and we invite you to learn more about how proceeds are handled.

Sock Sales


$4to production

It costs an average of four dollars to produce, fulfill, and process payment.

$8to patients

The campaign organizer receives proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

$8to Resilience Gives

Resilience Gives reinvests proceeds to compensate staff, keep the lights on, and reach patient communities.

Direct Donations


$3to payment provider

Our payment provider captures 3% on all transactions.

$97to patients

The campaign organizer receives proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

After experiencing roadblocks in our ability provide financial emotional support to patients as a for-profit entity, we established Resilience Gives Foundation (Resilience Patient Project, Inc), a non-profit 501(c)(3).

The scope of RGF was initially defined as providing direct donations to patients and distributing socks through volunteer efforts. However, since formalizing our partnership with Family Reach, a 501(c)(3) with more experience vetting patient requests, we have since honed the scope of RGF to providing emotional support through sock donations and volunteer efforts. RGF is entirely volunteer led and all funds are used to further emotional support for patients. Here’s what this looks like.


Standing in contrast to the poorly-made beige non-slip socks provided by hospitals, RGF distributes warm and cozy, member-designed non-slip socks to patients hospitalized for serious health conditions. Socks are produced and paid for by Resilience Gives and distributed by Resilience Gives Foundation.


RGF volunteers are the boots on the ground distributing socks and providing emotional support to patients. Volunteers may also facilitate members' fundraising initiatives through graphic design, video production, and other community rallying activities. You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.