Order In Bulk

Create a tangible symbol to rally your commuity.


Create or select your socks:

Create your own or use one of our existing member designed socks.


Place your order:

Order online or by phone.


Receive socks with a personal touch:

We package each pair with a photo or insert of your choice and handle all logistics.


Prepare for sock selfies:

As socks ship out, photos pile in.


Continue with a campaign:

After your design becomes the talk of the town and demand soars, you can choose to turn your design into a campaign, and begin raising money for a health cause close to your heart.


Here are minimums for each size and style of sock. Manufacturing an additional size means developing a whole new sock - these minimums are per size and style. See sizing chart.

Socks will be delivered approximately one month after we have received payment. At this time, we do not offer expedited turnaround times.

Our design team will walk you through the process. You can be as hands on as you’d like - going as far as doing the entire design yourself OR sending us ideas and working with our team until your satisfied.

Payment can be made by ACH transfer, credit card, or check.

Your donation will be processed separately by the specified charity.

Yes, however, shipping will be more expensive.

You can ship to multiple locations, but there may be additional shipping charges depending on the number of locations. We will evaluate on a case by case basis.

A knitted sock has the design physically knitted into the fabric of the sock whereas a printed sock has the design printed onto a blank sock. Here are some considerations:

  • Knitted socks have a more classic look and we make most of our socks this way.
  • Printed socks have become popular in the last few years because of the ability to produce incredibly detailed designs. However, not all designs look great when printed. There are a number of considerations that we will walk you through during the design process.