We are stronger together

We may endure different diseases, but we are united by the common thread of advancing medical research and supporting those in treatment.

Family Reach

Beyond the effectiveness of socks as a fundraising tool, we've seen a tremendous amount of engagement from our community. They know the story of Resilience Gives and feel part of something bigger than themselves. Socks have a special meaning for patients who have spent extended time in the hospital, and being able to use them for fundraising allows others to be part of their journey. -Carla Tardif, CEO

Rally Logo

Our Rally Kids have raised thousands of dollars for Rally through the sale of their specially designed socks. More importantly, each child had so much fun designing their socks and their communities were so excited to buy a pair in honor of them. We’re grateful to be able to partner with another mission-driven organization. -Marcie, Senior Development Manager, Rally Foundation


Absolutely not :)

Partnerships take all shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, we expect you to inform your members of Resilience Gives as a support and fundraising platform.

They can get started by going to Create a Campaign or contact us directly - design@resilience.gives