How it Works - Patient


Step 1 - Design Your Sock

There are a few options for how your sock gets designed...  

 One to One

We'll connect you with a designer who will help design your sock. Depending on your preferences, the designer can meet you in person or work remotely via the internet. After you approve the design we'll send it to the manufacturer.


We'll build a brief to tell designers about you and what you want on your sock. We'll post the contest on social media, and will help you share it with your friends and family too. We'll accept submissions for a week, and then you pick the winner!


Step 2 - Tell Your Story

We'll have a brief phone conversation (or send you an email questionnaire) to gather information about you, your diagnosis & treatment, your interests and hobbies, and more. We'll ask you to send us some photos as well. After all, this is all about you! People want to know who they're supporting with their purchase. :)

Once we have that information we will publish a patient profile on our website. We'll send you a kit of images, hashtags, captions, and more to help advertise your sock! We will post about it too, of course.

Step 3 - Choose Where Your Money Goes

One of the key parts of Resilience Project is the split of each sale's net proceeds. You have options for where to send that money!

  1. You - If you have demonstrated financial need we're happy to help offset some of the costs associated with your treatment.
  2. Resilience Patient Project - Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization helps patients pay for treatment. If you direct proceeds here they will help other patients.
  3. Another organization - If there's an outside organization you are passionate about helping we can discuss sending some of the money their way too.

Step 4 - Socks!

The design process takes 1-2 weeks depending on the method you choose. After we submit the final design to the manufacturer it will be about 2 weeks until we get a prototype. Once we have the prototype in hand your patient profile goes live and your sock will be available for preorder! Preordering lasts about 4 weeks, and then we starts shipping your socks. From start to socks it is a ~7-8 week process.