Graphic Design

 Graphic Design

10-12 Weeks | Flexible Start/End Dates
~30 hours/week
Work remotely from Boston/Cambridge area

Since the launch of our Toe-to-Toe Tour initiative in the fall of 2019, we've been cruising the streets of America in our sock-wrapped Airstream to sell socks and raise awareness for Resilience Gives. As an intern, you'll gain exposure into a young company and have a hand in making a real impact.


    Job Description
    For ten weeks, you will have the opportunity to oversee the visual aesthetic of the resilience gives brand. You will be working on both individual member designs and general branding such as web, print, and social media graphics.



    • Proven graphic design experience and strong portfolio
    • Well-versed with industry software
    • Strong interpersonal skills and relatability with patients


    What You'll Do

    • Print and web branding needs
    • Translating patient inspiration into polished sock designs
    • Communicating back and forth with patients to ensure patient satisfaction


    Who You Are

    • Are motivated to take part in the building of an organization and creating an awesome place to work.
    • Are motivated to learn.
    • Are capable of handling the uncertainty that accompanies a new business venture.
    • Want to want to go to work every day. You should like having fun. You should have a sense of humor.


    Apply by sending in your resume and cover letter to us: