live like a kid:
gowns in the making

For over four years now, we've remained focused on making fun, better quality socks as a means of improving children's experiences in the hospital. Now, we're applying the same idea to children's gowns. This is a new initiative, and we invite you to follow along!

prototyping in progress

Since working with young childhood cancer survivor, Andre, on creating a fun, penguin themed gown design, we've been busy prototyping gown construction. Now, we're getting user feedback and will likely have iterations before moving forward with production.

gown construction specs


Everyone deserves pockets and patients are no exception. Whether it's a phone or your favorite crayons, we're here for you.

flame resistant fabric

We use a flame resistant polyester fabric in compliance with CPSC flammability standards published in 16 CFR Part 1615.

shoulder snaps for easy access

Whether it's to access a port or for a procedure, shoulder snaps give providers the access they need.

the goal: 1k gowns donated this November

We've set a goal of donating the first 1000 gowns this November. Eventually, our goal is for each hospital sock donation to also include gowns!

how we fuel our donations

Our gown donations are fueled by our live like a kid shirt sales! Super soft and available in youth through adult mens, live like a kid shirts embody the idea of finding joy in every day.

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