General Questions

Not quite. Our organization is focused on fundraising for patients in-need and health charities.

Resilience Gives is a for-profit organization while Resilience Gives Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We invite you to learn more about this organizational structure by visiting the Our Mission page.

Our socks are made right here in North Carolina :)

Creating a Campaign


The campaign organizer chooses where to direct proceeds and this is made public on each campaign page.

Nope! Setup is free :)

We have a minimum of 12 pairs per size. If less than 12 pairs are sold for a given size, those orders will be refunded to customers.


Our design team will walk you through the process. You can be as hands on as you’d like - going as far as doing the entire design yourself OR sending us ideas and working with our team until you’re satisfied.

Contact us to create one!

You can select up to three designs.

No, you can choose to run a private campaign.

It's up to you! We recommend somewhere between 14-30 days.

After the conclusion of the campaign period, we will produce a small surplus of your design and it will remain available until we run out of inventory.

No they do not. However, we do offer this option for patients planning to wear their socks in the hospital.

Orders will ship one month from the conclusion of the campaign period.

The majority of our socks are a blend of cotton and polyester, however, we also experiment with other fabrics.

As the campaign organizer you will receive a few free prototypes and you are in charge of setting the price for others. The minimum is $20 and maximum is $30.

Eligibility and Proceed Distribution

Sock Sales of $20

$4 to production

Average cost to produce, fulfill, and process payment.

$8 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

$8 to Resilience Gives

Resilience Gives reinvests proceeds to compensate staff, keep the lights on, and reach patient communities.

Direct Donation of $100

$3 to payment provider

Our payment provider captures 3% on all transactions.

$97 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

Anyone can create a campaign to raise money for a qualifying health charity. To be eligible, a charity must demonstrate the following:

  • The organization’s day to day operations advance patient well-being and/or further chronic illness related research.
  • They are a registered tax-exempt organization and can provide their FEIN.

Individuals planning to use proceeds to cover individual healthcare expenses must meet the eligibility requirements described under “What are the eligibility requirements for an individual to receive proceeds from a campaign?”

At this time, Resilience Gives is only able to provide financial assistance families fighting cancer. We have partnered with Family Reach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to alleviating the financial burden of cancer, to distribute funds responsibly and effectively. Here are the core requirements for families as stipulated by Family Reach:

  • The patient must be on active treatment or within one year of treatment in order for the family to qualify
    • In each case, a child or young adult must be impacted in a significant way. The majority of our funds are used to support families with a child (aged 17 or younger) fighting pediatric cancer. However, we also provide assistance to young adults (aged 18 to 30) living with cancer, as well as parents living with cancer who have young children (aged 17 or younger)
    • The patient or family must be represented by a healthcare professional (e.g. social worker, resource manager) who has a good understanding of how a grant will impact a family’s financial stability going forward and can serve as a liaison with Family Reach to verify the patient’s medical information and the family’s need for financial assistance
    • The patient or family, through the social worker or resource manager, must demonstrate hardship related to the financial impact of their loved one’s cancer treatment
    • Eligible expenses are considered to be necessity items, including mortgage or rent, utilities, auto-related expenses (eg, repairs, loans, and insurance payments), child care, treatment-related travel, hospital parking, prescription medications, other ancillary uncovered medical costs, etc
  • In addition to these guidelines, Family Reach has a formal Family Grant Review process that evaluates each grant request and makes final decisions. In most scenarios, Family Reach will make a one-time grant to an approved family. However, in some cases in which significant financial need is demonstrated, we may review a second request for the same family.

Proceeds from your campaign will be sent either by check or electronic payment on the second week of the month following the conclusion of your campaign. For example, funds raised in February will be distributed the second week of March.

You can expect to receive your proceeds in the form of a grant distributed by Family Reach. This grant will be distributed in the month following the conclusion of your campaign.

If your design has remaining inventory following the conclusion of your campaign and additional proceeds are generated, you may be eligible for a secondary grant from Family Reach for up to one year. To be eligible for a secondary grant, you must continue to meet the initial eligibility requirements and have proceeds amounting to greater than $100.

Nonprofit Partnerships

Absolutely not :)

Partnerships take all shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, we expect you to inform your members of Resilience Gives as a support and fundraising platform.

They can get started by going to Create a Campaign or contact us directly -

Corporate Giveback

There is no minimum although we recommend a donation of at least $250.

Yes, we partner with a number of hospitals and other patient communities that would be happy to receive well-made socks.

Ordering in Bulk

Here are minimums for each size and style of sock. Manufacturing an additional size means developing a whole new sock - these minimums are per size and style. See sizing chart.

Socks will be delivered approximately one month after we have received payment. At this time, we do not offer expedited turnaround times.

Our design team will walk you through the process. You can be as hands on as you’d like - going as far as doing the entire design yourself OR sending us ideas and working with our team until your satisfied.

Payment can be made by ACH transfer, credit card, or check.

Your donation will be processed separately by the specified charity.

Yes, however, shipping will be more expensive.

You can ship to multiple locations, but there may be additional shipping charges depending on the number of locations. We will evaluate on a case by case basis.

A knitted sock has the design physically knitted into the fabric of the sock whereas a printed sock has the design printed onto a blank sock. Here are some considerations:

  • Knitted socks have a more classic look and we make most of our socks this way.
  • Printed socks have become popular in the last few years because of the ability to produce incredibly detailed designs. However, not all designs look great when printed. There are a number of considerations that we will walk you through during the design process.

Ambassador Program

We ask that you commit for one year but understand that life happens. We encourage you to remain an ambassador for as long as you’d like.

We welcome survivors, health professionals, students, and anyone committed to improving the lives of patients.

The time commitment each week will fluctuate depending on whether you are doing any sock drops or facilitating any fundraising campaigns that particular week; however, the average time commitment is about 1-3 hours/week.

Apart from receiving RG swag, you will not be compensated.