Director of Patient Experience & Acquisition


This position is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and take ownership of an organization as it grows. You will work for below market value and receive equity in return. If our mission doesn't get your blood pumping then don't apply. Given the fast pace of change, it's imperative that applicants can adapt and are motivated to continue learning.


Patient Experience

The mission of Resilience stems from improving the patient experience and this position is tasked with the continuously improving upon our ability to do so. This includes..

  • improving the design experience through design kit iterations
  • developing and implementing the patient ambassador program
  • building patient community and fostering patient to patient engagement

Patient Acquisition

In addition to wanting to broaden our impact, increasing our patient network is our growth strategy. Since we acquire new customers by reaching new patient networks, it is in our interest to help more patients. This includes..

  • further developing existing partnerships with hospitals and affiliate non-profits
  • expanding to new healthcare systems

Applicants should..

  • have personal experience (directly or indirectly) spending extended periods of time in the hospital
  • be very empathetic
  • be comfortable communicating with patients and healthcare professionals
  • have familiarity with customer-centric product/service design

Due to the high number of submissions we may not be able to personally respond to each application. Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to us: