Director of Marketing & Operations


This position is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and take ownership of an organization as it grows. You will work for below market value and receive equity in return. If our mission doesn't get your blood pumping then don't apply. Given the fast pace of change, it's imperative that applicants can adapt and are motivated to continue learning.



At a high level, this position is responsible for developing and executing our marketing strategy. As an early stage venture, the job will fluctuate between managing interns and the nitty gritty of the day to day execution. Candidates will be responsible for organizing all brand communications to build and maintain company image in a cohesive way. You will be telling patient stories via engaging in grassroots marketing efforts to connect with high profile individuals via social media to spread brand awareness. 


    In addition to the day to day of  walking patients through the design process, you will be tasked with making consistent improvements to improve operational efficiency and increase our production capacity. This includes coordinating between patient, designer, manufacturer, and fulfillment center.
    Applicants should..
      • have excellent communication skills
      • be up to date with the latest social media trends
      • analytic mindset
      • digital analytic experience
      • capable of building systems to monitor and evaluate operational efficiency
      • feel comfortable making design decisions
      • be well-organized and capable of managing deadlines for multiple stakeholders. 

    Due to the high number of submissions we may not be able to personally respond to each application. Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to us: