Create Your Own Sock

Rally your community with a meaningfully personal pair of custom socks.

My little sister, Ellie, couldn’t totally understand cancer, but she knew that bald brother = sick brother.
- Jake, Founder

About Resilience Gives

We are a community of patients, survivors, loved ones, and organizations supporting each other during treatment and fundraising for health causes close to our hearts.


We Donate

We organize sock drops to provide pediatric cancer patients and caregivers with cozy, non-slip socks.


We help you create unique sock designs to raise money for patient support and research initiatives.

Communities Rally

Friends, family, and organizations support the cause by purchasing those socks or donating directly.


Each purchase results in ..

A donation to the designated foundation to improve and save lives

Supporters receiving well-made socks

Others having the opportunity to make their own design and create their own impact



Socks sell for $20 per pair.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly where each dollar goes.


Patients get a free pair of their own design.


There is a minimum of 12 pairs per design.

Why? Each time we produce a new design, we incur set up costs that make it prohibitive to produce less than 12.


You decide where proceeds are donated.

See transparency breakdown



Nope! Setup is free :)

Design time is dependent on your responsiveness, but the average is one week.

After your design is finished, we set up a webpage so family and friends can order your design.

Once your design is complete and you’ve provided the basic information for your webpage (design name and inspiration), your page will be set up within 48 hours.

It’s up to you! Most people do two to four weeks.

Our lead time is 5 weeks from when we start production. On bulk orders production starts as soon as payment is made, while production on campaigns starts after the conclusion of the campaign.

Ex. If a campaign runs from March 1st-31st, production will start on April 1st, and the order will begin shipping out by May 6th.

We’ll do what we can, but we are limited by capacity constraints. For campaigns, designers can choose to place a refundable deposit of $4 per pair to begin production ahead of the campaign to have socks shipping out during the campaign.

Ex. If the designer is running the campaign March 1st-31st and wants to have socks shipping out during the campaign, they can place a refundable deposit of $4 per pair on February January 28th.


Socks cost $20. Pricing and donations do not change as quantities increase.

Yes, the minimum is 12 pairs. Each time we produce a new design, we incur set up costs that make it prohibitive to produce less than 12.

If the minimums aren’t reached, we refund all orders and the socks are not produced.

No they do not. All of our donated socks have non-slip bottoms, but because of the limitations of small-batch production, we cannot apply these to custom designs.



Yes, we have partnered with Family Reach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to alleviating the financial burden of cancer, to distribute funds responsibly and effectively.

Families can expect to receive a one-time grant within two weeks of their request.

Not directly. To ensure all funds are used responsibly, we rely on Family Reach to distribute funds after the family’s needs have been vetted. In effect, all funds raised for patient-support through Family Reach will benefit families fighting cancer, but it may not be the exact amount raised in a given campaign.

Here are the core requirements for families as stipulated by Family Reach:

  • The patient must be on active treatment or within one year of treatment in order for the family to qualify
    • In each case, a child or young adult must be impacted in a significant way. The majority of our funds are used to support families with a child (aged 17 or younger) fighting pediatric cancer. However, we also provide assistance to young adults (aged 18 to 30) living with cancer, as well as parents living with cancer who have young children (aged 17 or younger)
    • The patient or family must be represented by a healthcare professional (e.g. social worker, resource manager) who has a good understanding of how a grant will impact a family’s financial stability going forward and can serve as a liaison with Family Reach to verify the patient’s medical information and the family’s need for financial assistance
    • The patient or family, through the social worker or resource manager, must demonstrate hardship related to the financial impact of their loved one’s cancer treatment
    • Eligible expenses are considered to be necessity items, including mortgage or rent, utilities, auto-related expenses (eg, repairs, loans, and insurance payments), child care, treatment-related travel, hospital parking, prescription medications, other ancillary uncovered medical costs, etc
  • In addition to these guidelines, Family Reach has a formal Family Grant Review process that evaluates each grant request and makes final decisions. In most scenarios, Family Reach will make a one-time grant to an approved family. However, in some cases in which significant financial need is demonstrated, we may review a second request for the same family.

Proceeds from your campaign will be sent either by check or electronic payment on the second week of the month following the conclusion of your campaign. For example, funds raised in February will be distributed the second week of March.