The Mechanic's Teacher

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All funds raised in Billy's honor will contribute directly the Billy L. Phillips Annual Scholarship to ensure students are be able to afford the same mechanic classes that Billy use to teach. To learn more about the breakdown of proceeds, please see our pricing transparency.



Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, The Mechanic’s Teacher socks are comfortable to wear to during your daily activities. They are crew length and sit just below the calf.

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On my dad's headstone there is a carving of a tractor trailer with the statement "May the work I have done speak for me." I feel that is my dad in a nutshell and the work he did in molding and influencing young student's lives is very apparent. He could fix anything and he especially loved working on those trucks and teaching others how to fix them. Also, on a personal level, one of my favorite memories growing up was visiting my dad and those rare occasions when he would take me for a ride in one of the trucks. He would do whatever it took to make me smile and getting to hop into the cab of a truck was one of those things. My aunt Cami is really the person who was able to bring the vision to life though and deserves the credit. All I told her was I think I want the design to have trucks and tools and from that she came up with this great design that really captures my dad's spirit and passions.

Billy Phillips

Written by Kara Phillips and Alison Strickland, Billy’s wife and daughter


Billy was the current Vice Chairperson of the state board of directors for the North Carolina Transportation Maintenance Council. The NC TMC is an organization of transportation maintenance professionals. Their goal is to promote professional maintenance practices and to network with suppliers and peers in the industry. They have yearly fundraising events for student scholarships. The Eastern Chapter of the NC TMC has a yearly initiative called Tools for Techs where sponsors within the community and industry donate tool boxes/chests, tool sets, misc. hand tools and gift cards to students within the Diesel Program. These items will help the student transition from student to employee. After finding an employer, the next biggest hurdle facing anyone coming into the industry is getting the proper tools needed to perform the trade. The presentation to the students takes place in December of 2017 at the Eastern Chapter annual Christmas party. Billy knew that he would probably not live long enough to be able to attend the presentation but he still wanted to be involved. He gave his brother Joe some money and asked if he would buy a toolbox set with tools that could be awarded to a student. Even when he knew he was dying, he still kept thinking of ways to help his students to succeed in life. Billy passed away on October 18, 2017 and his toolbox set was awarded to a very appreciative Diesel student on December 12. Billy's wife Kara and daughter Alison were able to attend the presentation and to watch the NC TMC honor Billy by also presenting another student with a $1500 scholarship in his memory.

My dad worked for over twenty years as a diesel mechanic instructor at the local community college. He loved to teach and it was part of his great impact on many people throughout his life. Every time I used to visit him at work I could tell that he loved what he was doing and that his love of mechanics was also passed along to each of his student's. At the visitation I cannot tell you how many of the visitors who came to pay their respects were current and former students. I was so happy to hear their stories of my father's impact on their lives.

Billy wanted to set up the scholarship fund just because it was another way that he could help his students. He cared about his students so much and he would do anything in his power to help them out in any way that he could. I think that’s why so many former students kept in touch with him. They would call him all the time because they would be working on a truck or other piece of equipment and need some advice from him about how to proceed with the repair etc. He never got annoyed when they would call him early in the morning or late at night or even while he was on vacation. One student told me that his calming personality made people feel comfortable and relaxed. You know that he didn’t stress about anything, he took each day as it came and didn’t worry about the future.

He always asked me why he should worry about things because he said him worrying wasn’t going to change anything. He truly lived the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

I wanted to start a campaign in his memory to ensure that as many students as possible receive this gift. Also, I have been privileged to work with Resilience Gives and to see the impact they have on people's lives. When I started assisting Resilience a year ago as their manufacturing contact, I tried to put my best efforts into assisting them because I believe in the cause. None of us had any idea that the next year I would be face to face with my own personal battle as I stood by my father's side to fight esophageal cancer. During this time since I had come to know Jake he was nothing but supportive to me in his concern for my family. It definitely seems like a strange twist of fate to design a sock for my family member after seeing and assisting with so many designs for others, but overall I am just grateful for the opportunity to spread and share the love and joy that my dad possessed.


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