Breck's Magic Rally On Sock

$ 20.00

All funds raised in Brecklynn's honor will be paid directly to the Rally Foundation to find better treatments for childhood cancer with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures. To learn more about the breakdown of proceeds, please see our pricing transparency.



Breck’s Magic Rally socks are made with a mixture of cotton and polyester and are a thicker than your average dress sock. They are crew length and sit just below the calf.

Sock Sales of $20

$4 to production

Average cost to produce, fulfill, and process payment.

$8 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

$8 to Resilience Gives

Resilience Gives reinvests proceeds to compensate staff, keep the lights on, and reach patient communities.

Direct Donation of $100

$3 to payment provider

Our payment provider captures 3% on all transactions.

$97 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

All available sizes will ship within 48 hours of purchase.


Breck's Magic Rally on Socks were inspired by her two favorite things: rainbows and unicorns!

Brecklynn Allgood

On November 19, 2015, exactly one month before Brecklynn’s third birthday, she began throwing up and became unable to stand. We took her to our pediatrician where they did a chest X-ray, thinking her precious bronchitis had turned into pneumonia. Unfortunately it was not pneumonia. They sent us directly to Children’s Healthcare. We were admitted to the PICU and over the following two days scans revealed that Brecklynn not only had cancer, but it has spread all over her little body. Our hearts were in pieces as they continued to find more and more tumors. Her main tumor was in her left lung, two in her brain, two in her spine, one in her arm and one in her leg. Three days into the journey she went into major brain surgery to remove the two brain tumors. A few days after, on Thanksgiving day, she began her first round of chemo. Since then she has been through 10 rounds of chemo, two major lung surgeries to remove the tumors, 20 rounds of whole brain radiation, and many other procedures. She relapsed in February 2017 and is currently fighting cancer yet again.

Her road is a long one with no real certainties on what is next. Her case is extremely rare, with less than 40 cases of PPB spreading have been documented. Her strength is awe inspiring. She is truly an inspiration and just loves living life. She is a different princess daily and loves dressing up with her little sister. We are thankful for every single day she is here with us and thank God for all his blessings.


Our families take great joy in knowing that others are wearing their unique designs all around the world. Wear your socks proudly and tag #RGCommunity