#JackAttack Vs. Cancer

$ 20.00

All funds raised will be paid to Vs. Cancer to fund child-life programs at UNC Children's and lifesaving pediatric brain tumor research. To learn more about the breakdown of proceeds, please see our pricing transparency.



Made in North Carolina, #JackAttack Vs. Cancer socks are more athletic than the average dress sock, sporting arch support with cushioned toes and heels. These socks are perfect for shooting hoops or stealing second base. They come in two styles: crew length (sits just below the calf) and over the  calf

Sock Sales of $20

$4 to production

Average cost to produce, fulfill, and process payment.

$8 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

$8 to Resilience Gives

Resilience Gives reinvests proceeds to compensate staff, keep the lights on, and reach patient communities.

Direct Donation of $100

$3 to payment provider

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$97 to patients

The campaign organizer uses proceeds for medical expenses or donates to a health-focused charity.

Orders are expected to ship on Friday, May 31st. 

Why the delay? 

Because each community orders a different quantity of socks, we use a campaign period to determine how many pairs to produce


#JackAttack began as Jack’s team’s password for their scoring app, but starting treatment has given a whole new meaning to term.

#JackAttack Vs. Cancer 

 Jack has been playing in Vs. Cancer baseball tournaments since 2015. In fact, he was wearing a Vs. Cancer t-shirt when he was diagnosed with b-cell ALL at the UNC emergency room on November 1, 2018. During the first week of Jack’s hospitalization, one of the pediatric oncologists arranged for some members of the UNC baseball team to hang out with him. This connection to Jack’s identity as a baseball player has been the most important part of helping him feel like his normal self during his treatment. As soon as we were discharged and back at home, the folks at Vs. cancer had reached out to see what teams Jack liked and Jack began hearing from college and MLB coaches and players. Vs. Cancer and UNC have supported his morale continuously, which is so important to staying strong and winning the fight against leukemia! Thanks to Vs. Cancer, he knows he has a huge team helping him and everyone that supports Vs. Cancer is part of that team!


About Vs. Cancer 

Vs. Cancer empowers any sports team and any community to help kids with cancer. We were started by a pediatric brain cancer survivor. We know from personal experience that research and family support are critical for children to thrive. That's why proceeds from your fundraising and donations will help fuel both.



Our families take great joy in knowing that others are wearing their unique designs all around the world. Wear your socks proudly and tag #RGCommunity