Josie's Snowman

Josie's Snowman

$ 25.00

meet the co-designer, Josie

Josie Virgin

Diagnosed with a pelvic tumor on a family trip to Disney World, Josie began treatment for Ewing's sarcoma in 2016. Currently four years out of treatment, Josie is a sweet and funny girl with a spunky personality. She co-designed snowman socks because she loves making snowmen with her family!

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relaxed fit non-slip socks

snug, not tight

Great for wider feet, these stretchy socks are knitted with arch support to give your feet a gentle hug, while keeping a loose fit throughout the sock.

non-slip treads

Made with super strong phthalate-free grips, the relaxed fit socks will keep you and your feet grounded.

made with merino wool, reinforced with nylon

Our relaxed fit socks are knitted with a merino wool blend throughout, and reinforced with nylon in the danger zones (heel, sole, and toe).

materials & product care

Contents: 32% merino wool, 32% acrylic, 22% nylon, 11% polyester, 3% spandex

Product care

  • for a more snug fit, wash and dry before first wear 
  • turn socks inside out for washing and drying 
  • machine wash cold
  • dry on low or air dry to extend lifetime
  • avoid bleaching or ironing (not sure who irons their socks?!)

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