Nov 28, 2017

This week we updated all of our accounts and website under the name resilience gives and we did so for two reasons.



Since launching Samaury’s design in September of 2016, we now have 24 designs that have sold over 5000 pairs, raising over $35,000 for patients and research. In short, resilience gives is not a project that has a completion date, but instead, we are an organization rooted in our mission to inspire resilience in patients nationwide and hell-bent on using our experience to change the experience of others.


The significance of gives

In a very literal sense, “gives” makes sense because of the nature of what we do: we give patients financial and emotional support by giving them the opportunity to design socks. More importantly, however, is the second meaning behind the “gives,” and this is what resilience gives us as individuals and what it allows us to give others. Resilience, like a muscle, grows as we use it. When we experience adversity, we are forced to sink to swim: to beat our heads against the wall or learn coping mechanisms to deal with that adversity. What’s unique about this muscle, however, is that not only do we get better at managing adversity as we practice, but we also have an increased capacity to help others standing where we once stood.

In my own experience, it was learning to “be where my feet are.” To acknowledge the reality of being a fragile cancer patient and focus on reframing that experience. To come to terms with the fact that my feet weren’t leaving the hospital, but the least I could do was control how those feet looked and felt.  This small, yet defiant act, not only gave me the space to heal, but allowed me to share that lesson with so many others and empower them to be their own architects of change.