benji's story

benji's story

benji's story

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In 2014, at just 9 months old, Benjamin "Super Benji" Sanchez was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, a rare form of brain cancer, and given a 1% chance of survival. He underwent emergency surgery to remove a tumor that was taking up just under half of his brain. After initial rounds of chemo therapy showed no effect on the cancer that had already spread and metastasized through his entire spine, Benji underwent three stem cell transplants.

During this extremely dark time, one of Benji's nurses hung a paper rainbow from his IV pole while the family was sleeping. This small token became a powerful symbol for his family: keep chasing those rainbows. Over the next four years, Benji spent over 400 days in the hospital and completed 127 hours of chemotherapy, 65 blood and platelet transfusions, and 30+ MRI and PET scans. But finally, after four years of treatment, Benji was No Evidence of Disease!

In 2019, shortly after reaching survivorship, Benji was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and continues to experience side effects from his previous chemo treatments. While it has not been an easy road for Super Benji, he continues to find joy by spending time with his family, planning his ascension to the WWE ring, and dancing to Imagine Dragons. Today, Benji is thriving and in remission!

His parents, Azalea and Frank, hope Benji's socks can be a symbol of hope for other families that are experiencing dark times... keep chasing those rainbows!

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