A Mustache Making an Impact
Nov 07, 2018

A Mustache Making an Impact

My role at resilience gives is to walk each family and organization, members of #rgcommunity, through the process of  designing their sock, launching their campaign, and making sure socks ship out on time. Over the course of making these unique socks come to life, I’ve had the privilege of meeting each family where they are: in some cases it’s right in the thick of treatment, while in others, it’s celebrating survivorship.
As someone who underwent brain surgery in highschool to remove a benign brain tumor and has been dealing with the repercussions since, I’ve always seen myself as part of this patient community, but working with our families has given me an entirely new perspective. They’ve shown me that rather than letting a disease dictate their life, they are proactively changing the narrative by becoming patient advocates and raising money for a better tomorrow. 

These experiences and meaningful relationships with #rgcommunity have been the kick in the butt to take action on a health issue I’ve thought about for some time: mental health. November is infamous for facial hair experiments of all sorts, but this year, I wanted my facial hair to do more than look outrageous. I’m participating in Movember, a month long campaign to raise funds for mental health programming for men and boys. As much progress as we’ve made in better understanding and increasing the availability of treatment for mental health issues, we still have lots of work to do. Proceeds from my campaign benefit the Movember Foundation which is responsible for funding many mental health programs around the world such as The Prevention Institute

P.S. Here at resilience gives, we really believe in this idea of standing up and taking action to improve patient well-being. If you share this value and want to contribute to our blog, let us know. :)