each purchase of resilience gives apparel helps improve families’ hospital stays through the donation of fun non-slip socks and gowns to children in the hospital

live like a kid

Super soft and available in youth through adult mens, live like a kid shirts embody the idea of finding joy in every day.


socks with stories

From fuzzy non-slip socks for wearing around the house to antimicrobial grippy exercise socks, our nine styles are co-designed by children battling cancer.


small details can make a big difference

For many children, changing out of their own clothing into a hospital gown and grippy socks creates anxiety. It's another layer of unfamiliarity in a world of scary needles and strange medicine.

Our goal is to flip this traumatizing experience on its head by creating and donating fun, well-made alternatives to the standard issue socks and gowns.

We fuel our donations by making and selling high quality non-slip socks and super soft shirts for anyone who believes small details can make a big difference.

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why live like a kid?

Live like a kid stems from the idea that every day has something worth celebrating. At Resilience Gives, we believe the joyful, innocently happy moments of childhood are something that every kid deserves, and we seek to make more of them - check out the video below!

socks with stories: paying it forward

In the fall of 2020, we kicked off our Paying It Forward Initiative by partnering with 50 childhood cancer survivors to show current patients that there is hope. Across the country, these survivors delivered thousands of fun, non-slip socks to families in active treatment. We look forward to continuing this initiative with our future donations.

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