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Ella's Healing Starfish

Diagnosed with infantile leukemia at eight months old, Ella is now eight, spunky, and cancer-free. Whenever she feels scared, she thinks about the beach to feel happy. While she loves all sea creatures, she felt a special connection with starfish after learning that they can fully heal by regrowing their limbs when they're injured. She hopes you feel her starfish hugging your feet if you're ever scared.


Kiara's Comeback Cones

After undergoing rounds of surgeries and chemo for a pilocytic astrocytoma tumor in her spinal cord, Kiara was able to feel like a normal kid at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The Ice Cream and Cake song, a camp favorite, reminds Kiara of the amazing memories and incredible people she met there.


Super Benji's Rainbows

When Benji's nurse hung a handmade paper rainbow from his IV pole, her message was clear: keep chasing those rainbows. After being diagnosed with brain/spinal cancer at 9 months old, and thyroid cancer 4 years later, Benji has experienced more than his share of cloudy moments. Now six years old and full of life, Benji and his family are excited to share their message of hope and positivity through their rainbow socks.


socks with stories: paying it forward

This fall, 50 childhood cancer survivors will show current patients that there is hope. Across the country, these survivors will visit their local children’s hospitals and donate thousands of fun, non-slip socks to families in active treatment.

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