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Josie's Snowman

Diagnosed with a pelvic tumor on a family trip to Disney World, Josie began treatment for Ewing's sarcoma in 2018. Currently two years out of treatment, Josie is a sweet and funny girl with a spunky personality. She co-designed snowman socks because she loves making snowmen with her family!


Angel's Polar Bears

Walking into Angel’s hospital room, it would be easy to confuse a chemo infusion for a dance party. Seemingly unphased by his medicine, Angel brings a never-ending, tenacious energy that makes his polar bear choice even more fitting.


Naaman's Penguins

Even on his worst days, three-year-old Naaman will drop everything he’s doing to waddle like a penguin. For Naaman, these flippered birds offer a reprieve from the world of leukemia. Although there have been setbacks, he is making good progress and has transitioned to maintenance therapy!


Itzel's Angel Wings

Itzel was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in December, 2018. After 8 months of intense chemo and one year of maintenance therapy, Itzel is doing great and is excitedly counting down the last couple months of treatment! Wise beyond her years and with a giant heart, Itzel made Angel Wing socks "to remember all of the angels who were taken by cancer too soon."


socks with stories: paying it forward

In the fall of 2020, we kicked off our Paying It Forward Initiative by partnering with 50 childhood cancer survivors to show current patients that there is hope. Across the country, these survivors delivered thousands of fun, non-slip socks to families in active treatment. We look forward to continuing this initiative with our future donations.

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The show about inspiring stories of resilience from cancer patients, survivors, and family members.


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